Exploring the Labyrinth.

This post manifested from a rather animated discussion with a friend in which many ideas were shared. 🙂 Is the Labyrinth real or an exploration of Sarah’s psyche? Everything in Sarah’s room becomes part of Labyrinth, in literal terms or under the guise of something else (the ball gown, her toys, even her Jareth doll).... Continue Reading →

Femnista Sept / Oct 2015: Magical Realism

Inside This Issue: A Snicker of Magic, Teen Wolf, Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell, The Fisher King, Mithermage, Severus Snape (Harry Potter), Winter’s Tale, Dustfinger (Inkheart), and The Vampire Diaries. Read online or download. A FREE product of Charity’s Place. Please read and recommend to your friends. Our next issue features literary and film female... Continue Reading →

Through a Mirror Darkly

Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell was one of those books I started to read right after it came out, got distracted from, and then it went back to the library and I forgot about it. Once the miniseries started airing, I couldn’t stand not knowing how it would end, so I read it with great... Continue Reading →


I'm releasing my latest historical speculative fiction / magical realism book today! Purchase from Amazon. Purchase from CreateSpace. Purchase from Smashwords. Add on Goodreads. Back Cover: What if you knew when someone was about to die… and could do nothing to stop it? Each time, it starts as an itch in the back of her... Continue Reading →

The Emotional Ending of The Hobbit

It has been two years since Bilbo said, “I’m going on an adventure!” as he gleefully bounded out of the Shire, following after Gandalf and “quite a merry gathering” of dwarves. And here, we come to the end … of Biblo’s story, of Thorin’s, of Thranduil’s … but the beginning of the tale of The... Continue Reading →

A Savior Gone to the Dark Side

Thanksgiving weekend, I curled up with Star Wars on Blu-Ray. It was the first time I have ever seen them all in a row, and had a chance to think through the over-reaching plot arc and dynamic. What I think of the prequels and originals as stand alones or part of a franchise is neither... Continue Reading →

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