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Alexei Karenin: Divine Love Vs. Religion

Watching Anna Karenina (the 2000 miniseries) is always a mistake. I get caught up in over-thinking Anna’s husband and ponder nothing else for days. I could run in all directions with it, but I’ll cut you a break and choose one. Nothing kills godliness more than religion. One is a transforming heart experience that brings… Continue reading Alexei Karenin: Divine Love Vs. Religion

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Imagine… Risen

Imagine you are a Roman centurion stationed in Judea, tasked with keeping the zealots in line. They were a group of fanatical religious Jews intent on liberating themselves from Roman influence. It does not take much for them to riot, attack Romans in the street, or plan larger-scale battles. Each year, over a hundred thousand… Continue reading Imagine… Risen