Hopeless Romantic: Langella & Dracula

Incurable romantics walk the earth, a wellspring from which forms poetry, idealistic sensationalism, and the re-interpretation of literary and symbolic themes. Frank Langella is one such actor, who approaches each role with natural sensuality and emotional nuance. From his flirtatious, emotional Diego de la Vega, to the tortured anti-hero of Sphinx, to his Sherlock Holmes…


Femnista May / June 2016

Read online or Download. Inside this issue: The Help, Scandalous Queens (Marriages Above Stations), Roman Holiday, Zootopia, Pocahontas, Doctor Thorne, North & South, Angel & the Badman, Prince William and Kate Middleton, Judgment Day. WANTED: Writers for our next issue, featuring William Shakespeare! Click here for more info on upcoming issues.


1500s History: Down with the Foreigners!

English History in the 1500s was not so different than it is now; we face many of the same issues plaguing the court of Henry VIII. In May 1517, there was a large contingent of French and Italian immigrants in London. They were situated near the city’s financial district and providing many services for the…


Femnista Writers Round-Table Discussion

I meant to do this sooner, but my life got crazy last week. Better late than never, right? It was suggested to me that I foster discussion among my writers (and readers too, if any care to participate in Intelligent Discussions or General Silliness or Brain Fart Absurdities). Thus, all contributors (and fans, and general…

Femnista March / April 2016

I just realized this is our 35th issue. WOW. In This Issue: Call the Midwife, Joan of Arc, Saintly Queens, Moses, One Night With the King, Augustine, Lydia Seller of Purple, Perpetua, Thomas Aquinas, Risen, Medieval Gods Read online or Download.