The Crown: Smoke & Mirrors

I read a book on relationships that said what people most desire from others is acceptance, the ability to be loved for who (or in spite of what) they are. When others reject us, it hurts. It causes us to lash out, or withdraw, or feel unworthy. The truly terrible thing is, I see this... Continue Reading →

The Crown: Act of God

I wonder, when was the first time someone blamed God for a horrific act against humanity? And when will be the last time, when He finally shows up (again) to roll His divine eyes and say, “Honestly, mortals, must you blame everything on me? I gave you brains for a reason. You could use them... Continue Reading →

The Crown: Windsor

I’ve never known a Brit without an opinion on the Duke of Windsor, also known as the “abdicated king.” And I cannot guess what the writer thinks of him, either, since he makes him in turns, dreadful and pitiable. “David” enters an England glad to see him (if you ask the wrong people), and loathe... Continue Reading →

The Crown: Hyde Park Corner

Death is the inevitability of life, the one thing that links people across the globe, for no one can escape it. The second episode of The Crown is a study in death, loss, and the change it brings. While England and the royal family, the Prime Minister, and the Cabinet mourn the loss of a... Continue Reading →

The Crown: Wolferton Splash

I’m an Anglophile. Maybe it’s my mostly-British blood, or that I dig the English and their outward emotional constipation while a storm brews underneath, or just that I’m kinda, sorta, okay a lot, obsessed with the  English monarchies; the up and coming king and his wife, not so much. Could not care less. Have they... Continue Reading →

Misunderstanding Feminism

As a feminist, I have noticed a disturbing trend in recent historical productions. Since writer Emma Frost defined The White Princess, an adaptation of a Tudor novel by Philippa Gregory, as a “feminist story,” I feel it’s fair to point out the behaviors exhibited in it are not “feminist.” I also want to use the ITV... Continue Reading →

Fact & Fiction: The White Princess, Episode 1

Since Starz announced this production, I have waffled between anticipation and dread. The former because I appreciate new costume dramas centered on the lesser-known Tudors; and the latter, because I’ve read Philippa Gregory’s book series. She’s a talented enough writer that her “historical slander” passes for the truth – and she maligns reputations, turning decent... Continue Reading →

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