Femnista Sept / Oct 2015: Magical Realism


Inside This Issue: A Snicker of Magic, Teen Wolf, Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell, The Fisher King, Mithermage, Severus Snape (Harry Potter), Winter’s Tale, Dustfinger (Inkheart), and The Vampire Diaries.

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A FREE product of Charity’s Place. Please read and recommend to your friends. Our next issue features literary and film female villains and will be out on Halloween. Want to contribute? Click here for more info.

12 thoughts on “Femnista Sept / Oct 2015: Magical Realism

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  1. Hi Charity! I really hope you can help me. How do I get started as a writer without any previous writing experience? I’ve googled this issue but there are so many websites with confusing advice. If you could point me in the right direction. I’d appreciate it. Thanks =)

    1. Start writing, and start submitting your work places. Find little magazines and begin there. If you can get published one or two places, you can then get published other places. Start up a blog. Start book reviewing. Do something, anything, to get your name out there.

      Here’s a secret: if your writing is good, they won’t care if you have previous experience. Quality writing is hard to find.

        1. Yes, it’s been claimed. You need to pick something not on the list (current list: Michaelangelo, Ever After, Jodhaa Akbar, Thomas Becket, Queen Elizabeth, Katherine von Bora Luther, Leonardo Da Vinci, Shakespeare). 🙂

          1. Yes. You may have it. =)

            Please send me a quick e-mail so I have your e-mail address (you can find mine on the back of any issue of Femnista) and can add you to the list.

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