Why do we look?

You ever watch one of those movies that disturbs you just enough to want to go back and dig around in its innards? Figure out what about it caused you to walk away thinking about it? And have it stick in your head? I have been watching “film noir” movies lately. Don’t ask me why,... Continue Reading →

Male Kibbe Types

I know at least one person wants to see these, so here we go. 😉 The same principle applies to men as women, in terms of what Kibbe means by “yang” (angularity) and “yin” (softness) to the bones and flesh. I am using classic and modern celebrities, because he did not have enough examples of... Continue Reading →

The Symbolism of Notre Dame

I have to admit, the last few days haven’t been the greatest. But the crowning glory was Notre Dame engulfed in flames. It’s hard to explain why it caused me to burst into tears, but it did. Notre Dame is a symbol of France. It’s symbolic of the hundreds of people who have worked on... Continue Reading →

Dumbo: Choosing Heroism

This contains spoilers for Dumbo. I have seen mixed reviews for Dumbo, which saddens me, because in my opinion Tim Burton has done something extraordinary. He’s given an animal “autonomy,” which in a literary sense means “the right to self-govern” and control his own story. Dumbo is not just at the mercy of events in... Continue Reading →

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