The God We Do / Don’t Want

Free will is such a complex topic, theologians have dedicated entire volumes to it, what it means in the spectrum of divine grace, and how much humans have of it (could we really destroy ourselves, or would God ‘stop us’? if He would stop us, is that the end of our ‘free will’? Does our... Continue Reading →

Fact & Fiction: The White Princess, Episode 1

Since Starz announced this production, I have waffled between anticipation and dread. The former because I appreciate new costume dramas centered on the lesser-known Tudors; and the latter, because I’ve read Philippa Gregory’s book series. She’s a talented enough writer that her “historical slander” passes for the truth – and she maligns reputations, turning decent... Continue Reading →

Zombie Among Us

Zombies are “in” right now, whether it’s watching the antics of a suburban housewife who awakens one morning after enormous amounts of vomiting to discover she has a taste for human flesh, or a white-haired, pale morgue assistant who eats brains to solve people’s murders (taking on the traits of her dinner’s behavior and personality... Continue Reading →

Sentimental Holmes

I’m not a gushy person, or at least I try not to be; when my teenage girl friends gushed about boys, I wrinkled my nose (my favorite guy was a deerstalker clad detective in Victorian England; real ones could never measure up to a violin-playing genius); when others gush about their favorite things, I feel... Continue Reading →

Humanizing the Enemy

Many humans like evil clearly defined. Black and white. To point at someone else and say, without hesitation, “That person is/was evil.” Shades of gray can make people uncomfortable. And you can never, ever humanize the enemy, because then you might start seeing them as… human beings. Like yourself. With dreams. Ambitions. Love for their... Continue Reading →

The Flash: Memories of an Idealized Self

I’ve always found it impossible to watch superhero stories without finding symbolic, mythological archetypes. Heroism vs. evil, overcoming adversity, and a “little” man attaining superhuman abilities and using them toward good ends speaks to audiences on a multitude of levels. It resonates with inner truths, our moral centers, as well as speaks to our distant,... Continue Reading →

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