Seven Questions Book Tag

Not a lot worth sharing of late, hence the silence on the blog. Been just working on my next novel, but Jessica tagged me so here we go. =) What’s one genre you used to avoid, but now love?   Nonfiction. I never read it as a kid and now it's almost all that I read,... Continue Reading →

Why do we look?

You ever watch one of those movies that disturbs you just enough to want to go back and dig around in its innards? Figure out what about it caused you to walk away thinking about it? And have it stick in your head? I have been watching “film noir” movies lately. Don’t ask me why,... Continue Reading →

Book Sale

Almost all of my books are 50% off in their digital form at Smashwords until the end of the month. Grab your copies now! (If you enjoy them, leave me a review on Goodreads or Amazon. As an Indie publisher, I appreciate it. 🙂

Male Kibbe Types

I know at least one person wants to see these, so here we go. 😉 The same principle applies to men as women, in terms of what Kibbe means by “yang” (angularity) and “yin” (softness) to the bones and flesh. I am using classic and modern celebrities, because he did not have enough examples of... Continue Reading →

Book Release: The King’s Players

I spent the last eight months slaving over this book. I must have rewritten it a dozen times before it felt right. I now ready to share it with you. Enjoy! As a casual reminder, I really appreciate reviews on Amazon. They're essential to helping attract more readers, so if you want to help, that's... Continue Reading →

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