The Secret in Belfast

Today is the day! My Speculative Fiction novel about the RMS Titanic is now available! It blends magic with historical events and characters, revolving around the greatest non-wartime disaster in history. If you enjoyed Thornewicke, you'll be delighted to revisit shared characters (and meet some making appearances in The Giftsnatcher, out this summer) -- but... Continue Reading →

Oneshot: April 15, 1912

How many times have I prayed in this very spot? My passengers are unaware what has happened. I can hardly believe it myself. This morning, we were underway, and tonight we travel in the opposite direction. The stokers work like mad, pushing our engines as fast as they will go. Titanic is sinking. Everyone said... Continue Reading →

Oneshot: April 14, 2012

Waves surge over the deck, causing the boat to come free of its moorings. It catches me off guard, icy water carrying me off the deck into the sea. Bodies thrash all around me, screams fill the air as the mighty Titanic’s bow submerges. It sounds like a dying animal, great moans and creaks filling... Continue Reading →

Oneshot: April 13, 2012

They call me Sparks. I like the name. It’s for the sparks that fly under my fingers as I send wireless messages. Having a Marconi system on Titanic is such a novelty that it seems like every tom-fool wants to send a wire home, whether he (or she) needs to or not. Businessmen want to... Continue Reading →

An Edwardian Affair

Costume dramas fall into two categories: those true to the time period in which they are set, and those with clearly modern influences. You can tell the difference between something Charles Dickens wrote, for example, and something written by a modern author in a historical setting, because the worldview behind the material of Dickens is... Continue Reading →

Oneshot: April 12, 2012

No one is sure how the fire started in Coal Bunker 6, or even when. But it’s causing a bloody lot of trouble. Little sparks dance upwards as we rake the coal out. Behind us, in the boiler room, clouds of steam fill the air. Sweat glistens on bare backs as the stokers shovel it... Continue Reading →

Rebuilding the Ship of Dreams

By now, many of you may have heard about plans to design a second Titanic, by a billionaire, as a themed cruise liner and floating museum. Some believe this is disrespectful to the victims of the crash; others are eager to set sail on her and relive the experience (hopefully, not all of it!). I... Continue Reading →

Oneshot: April 11, 2012

I wake with a bad feeling. My hands shake as I slick back my hair, and put on my cap. They are worn from hard work, rough to the touch. Titanic is beautiful, or at least, she is from what I saw of her on the docks. She’s bigger than my last ship. Four funnels... Continue Reading →

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