The Secret in Belfast Sale

 In years past, I have done something to commemorate Titanic on my blog in the week leading up to the anniversary of the sinking. That means I’ve pretty much covered every aspect of it that I can think of for the moment, so this year I’m doing something a bit different. All week, from April... Continue Reading →

The Secret in Belfast

Today is the day! My Speculative Fiction novel about the RMS Titanic is now available! It blends magic with historical events and characters, revolving around the greatest non-wartime disaster in history. If you enjoyed Thornewicke, you'll be delighted to revisit shared characters (and meet some making appearances in The Giftsnatcher, out this summer) -- but... Continue Reading →

Coming Full Circle

When I was sixteen, I wrote a novel that took place on the Titanic. It was a fun, melodramatic drama-romance in the vein of the Christian fiction I was reading at the time, but eventually went on the shelf as I focused on other projects. Now and again, I thought, “I should go back and... Continue Reading →

Oneshot: April 15, 1912

How many times have I prayed in this very spot? My passengers are unaware what has happened. I can hardly believe it myself. This morning, we were underway, and tonight we travel in the opposite direction. The stokers work like mad, pushing our engines as fast as they will go. Titanic is sinking. Everyone said... Continue Reading →

Oneshot: April 14, 2012

Waves surge over the deck, causing the boat to come free of its moorings. It catches me off guard, icy water carrying me off the deck into the sea. Bodies thrash all around me, screams fill the air as the mighty Titanic’s bow submerges. It sounds like a dying animal, great moans and creaks filling... Continue Reading →

Music Video

This went through endless revision, rearranging, and editing over the course of a very busy afternoon, until it became what it is now. I'm still not totally happy with it (like Thomas Andrews, I'm a perfectionist) but I think it does pull an emotional punch. Enjoy.

Typing Titanic

What’s it like to love the biggest, most romantic movie of all time?It’s entertaining; mostly because I can’t buy into the bunk, but also because it’s fun to type the characters and talk about my complete inability to relate to some of them.Don’t get me wrong: I love Titanic. It’s in my “top ten favorite... Continue Reading →

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