I spent the last eight months slaving over this book. I must have rewritten it a dozen times before it felt right. I now ready to share it with you. Enjoy! As a casual reminder, I really appreciate reviews on Amazon. They’re essential to helping attract more readers, so if you want to help, that’s an easy way to show your support for my work. Thank you!

One year ago, Suffolk escaped King Henry. His mistress also disappeared.

No one has since seen her, not even her best friend, Edda. The talented seamstress works for Lady Keelyn, wife of Sir William, Suffolk’s younger brother. As she sews delicate loops into an expensive new gown for her mistress, she frets at what the future may hold.

For the king is on his way to Suffolk Hall. He has not said why, but she suspects it’s to arrest Sir William. The rest of the town share her fear, including her father, the local woodcarver. Sir William hopes his exquisite throne may soften the king’s heart, but they know nothing can alter the intentions of his ruthless enforcer, Sir Thomas Lovell.

Many want to seek their fortunes at court. News of the king’s coming brings a theatrical troupe desperate to find a patron. The playwright, Tristan, has misgivings… but knows if they cannot secure a position before winter, they may starve.

The king’s arrival sparks of a series of events, from a shipwreck to an assassination attempt, and a mysterious figure in the cemetery. They are all about to discover Suffolk Hall is more than it first appears…

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