Book Release: The King’s Players

I spent the last eight months slaving over this book. I must have rewritten it a dozen times before it felt right. I now ready to share it with you. Enjoy! As a casual reminder, I really appreciate reviews on Amazon. They're essential to helping attract more readers, so if you want to help, that's... Continue Reading →

An Illusion of Virtue

Fiction can be more society shaping than fact, particularly where historical figures are involved. Ask anyone on the street their impression of Henry VIII, and most impressions will come not from historical documentation but popular fictionalized representations of a larger than life tyrant. Perhaps the most accessible contributor to Henry’s maligned reputation comes from The... Continue Reading →

TudorB!tch Week: The Other Boleyn Girl

With Wolf Hall premiering on Wednesday, I decided to flood this blog with Tudor-related posts for the next few days. You can either participate, read along, or ignore it. Whatever you choose, I’ll try to keep things interesting. The Other Boleyn Girl is revisionist history at its finest, a story that slanders Anne Boleyn in... Continue Reading →

The Faith of Katharine of Aragon

Every now and again, I revisit the Tudor period and become obsessed all over again with Henry and his wives. Yesterday, I started thinking (not for the first time) about Katharine of Aragon. Anyone who knows me at all knows how much respect I have for her, and how much I greatly admire her both... Continue Reading →

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