Do We See the Sin, or the Sinner?


I can’t tell you how many times I have heard it: “I have no interest in God, because of how Christians treat me.”

The sad thing is… in many ways, it’s true. I get it. The Church is built up of fallible people. We have human emotions. We treat each other like crap. We’re the first ones to take the self-righteous high ground, to stand in judgment of one another (and everyone not up to “our level” of morality), and to kick someone when they’re down. And the sad thing is… in that moment, we’re not truly Christians, but we’re slandering Christ’s name all the same.

I grew up a moralistic, self-righteous hypocrite who could throw Bible verses around like the worst of them. I stood in judgment of every action that everyone else ever took that I didn’t agree with, or that violated my view of morality. I was an unequivocal pain in the ass of the variety that gives Christians a bad name, and I pray to God that I didn’t turn anyone away from His Kingdom thanks to my behavior. Then, I got saved. I realized that I’m no better than anyone else, and worse than some, because under that mask of self-righteousness was a heart cold toward other human beings. Continue reading