Goals & Resolutions Going Forward

I love moving forward. Improving myself and my life. Last year I did some important “me” things. I lost 15 pounds on the every other day diet. It was hard but worth it, because I love my new weight. This year, I am going to focus on “streamlining” my life. Bringing it into harmony. Learning... Continue Reading →

Keep it SIMPLE, Stupid

I stare at the computer screen. No, this can’t be. But yes, it is. I have too much plot. I didn’t realize it until I wrote them all down. I feel as if I’m juggling an elephant, a giraffe, and six hyenas, but the dodo birds want in on the action too. Darkness closes in... Continue Reading →

221 B Baker Street Correspondence

Dear Readers, It is with utmost regret that I inform you that Charity is currently buried under a mountain of volumes, which she insisted upon piling in an enormous stack to “prove” how much research she is doing on her novels. I warned her of the high probability the pile would collapse on top of... Continue Reading →

The Historical Writer’s Oath

One of my major pet peeves is literary licenses taken with historical figures in serious historical literature. (I do not consider “speculative fiction” serious historical literature or any story where a historical figure is dealing with zombies, vampires, or magic; these stories are obvious fiction and never confused by a casual reader for the truth.)... Continue Reading →

Sex & the Christian Writer

Let’s talk about writing sex. Specifically, let’s talk about writing sex … from a Christian perspective. Don’t pretend, as a writer, this isn’t something you struggle with, or think about, because it is. Writers write stories about human beings and their emotions, which means inevitably, sex is going to come up. Some authors choose not... Continue Reading →

Write What You Love

I’ve known I wanted to be a writer since age eleven. It just occurred to me one day that books don’t magically turn up on shelves; people write them. So, I started writing and have never stopped. I have not gone more than three days without working on a book in the twenty years since. Some... Continue Reading →

On Writing: Show and Tell

I read a fair amount of novels. Not a huge amount, but quite a few. One thing I wish more authors would do is show and not tell. I’m not talking about long conversations filling in plot points; I’m talking about internal monologues. Paragraphs and paragraphs “inside” the main character’s head (and everyone else’s, in... Continue Reading →

The Writer’s Burden

This morning, I got up bright and early (before the sun even came up). I stretched a bit, fed the cat her morning dose of cream, and walked into my office… where I killed someone. This is a person I’ve come to love, who is dear to me. But he had to die. Why? Because... Continue Reading →

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