My Favorite Movies: The Patriot

Some movies get so much right that I can forget what they get wrong. This is the case with The Patriot. Every Independence Day, I watch it – usually alone, because no one else in the family can “take it.” My reasons for doing so are both out of appreciation for the film itself, and... Continue Reading →

The Personalities of the Revolution

Since I’ve been talking about different personality types in this blog for awhile, I thought it might be fun to address the personality types of our most famous founders: George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, and Benjamin Franklin. George Washington was an ESTJ: a man of immediate decisive action, details, duty, honor, unflinching personal beliefs,... Continue Reading →

The Real Thomas Jefferson

Guest post by my brother, J.D. Gratuitous picture of Dillane's Jefferson supplied by me, because we all need eye candy from time to time. 😉 ---------------------------------------- Over the years, Thomas Jefferson has been accused of atheism, cutting up the Bible, detesting religion and desiring its separation from politics, and fathering children with a  slave girl,... Continue Reading →

Altering the Truth

There is storytelling and there is revision. The former means entwining actual events with fictional characters, and the latter includes rearranging fictional facts to suit your agenda. As a writer, I’m caught between admiration for those who do it well and horror for those who change things too much. I’m also uncertain whether or not it... Continue Reading →

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