My Favorite Movies: The Patriot

Some movies get so much right that I can forget what they get wrong. This is the case with The Patriot. Every Independence Day, I watch it – usually alone, because no one else in the family can “take it.” My reasons for doing so are both out of appreciation for the film itself, and... Continue Reading →

The Personalities of the Revolution

Since I’ve been talking about different personality types in this blog for awhile, I thought it might be fun to address the personality types of our most famous founders: George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, and Benjamin Franklin. George Washington was an ESTJ: a man of immediate decisive action, details, duty, honor, unflinching personal beliefs,... Continue Reading →

The Real Thomas Jefferson

Guest post by my brother, J.D. Gratuitous picture of Dillane's Jefferson supplied by me, because we all need eye candy from time to time. 😉 ---------------------------------------- Over the years, Thomas Jefferson has been accused of atheism, cutting up the Bible, detesting religion and desiring its separation from politics, and fathering children with a  slave girl,... Continue Reading →

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