10 Villains to Love-Hate

Since the world is celebrating romance today, I thought I would celebrate my lifelong romance with villains instead (I’m a brat like that). These are my top 10 Villains ranked according to their level of “evil,” in terms of how much destruction they wreak. OBVIOUSLY... MASSIVE SPOILERS. Honorable Mention: Kylo Ren, Star Wars This boy... Continue Reading →

Here comes a remake!

Ever since Disney has started doing live-action remakes of all their films, I wondered if they would ever get around to The Hunchback of Notre Dame. It might be hard to do, since the themes animation can “tone down” on screen in live-action come across as much more… mature. You can get away with Frollo... Continue Reading →

Faith & Villainy: Victor Hugo’s Claude Frollo

I originally planned on using this in the upcoming Literary Villains edition of Femnista, but decided to go with a different literary villain instead. Victor Hugo wrote two famous novels in his life: The Hunchback of Notre Dame, and Les Misérables. Interestingly, both follow themes of redemption, faith, false piety, and hardship in the streets... Continue Reading →

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