Sentimental Holmes

I’m not a gushy person, or at least I try not to be; when my teenage girl friends gushed about boys, I wrinkled my nose (my favorite guy was a deerstalker clad detective in Victorian England; real ones could never measure up to a violin-playing genius); when others gush about their favorite things, I feel... Continue Reading →

Short Story: Wiggins’ Christmas

Mom kept pestering me to write a Sherlock Holmes short story about the Baker Street Irregulars. I gifted this to her for Christmas this year. Snow pummels the high street, dampening the back of my tattered trousers, the hole in my left boot sticking to wet cobblestones. I slip on uneven ground, catch myself, and... Continue Reading →

221 B Baker Street Correspondence

Dear Readers, It is with utmost regret that I inform you that Charity is currently buried under a mountain of volumes, which she insisted upon piling in an enormous stack to “prove” how much research she is doing on her novels. I warned her of the high probability the pile would collapse on top of... Continue Reading →

Sherlock: A Man Out Of Time

Did anyone else watch The Abominable Bride? I had so much fun with it, I was cracking up hours later over dinner, talking about completely unrelated things. My family has not seen me that high since I ate an entire carton of ice cream by myself. Victorian Holmes: I have been dying to see Benedict... Continue Reading →

The Personality Type of Sherlock Holmes

Ever since personality typing went mainstream, fans have fought over the personality types of famous literary characters – most notably, Sherlock Holmes. It usually winds up as a debate between INTP and INTJ, but neither one fits the canon Holmes. I recently addressed this on my tumblr, but will expound on it here. The original... Continue Reading →

The Mind Behind Sherlock

I go through life in obsessive spurts. I’ll be into something for awhile, then lose interest, and when a new aspect (or episode, as the case may be) turns up, I’m back in the thick of it obsessing to an unnatural level. Well, Sherlock is back for its all-too-short third season and I’ve been Sherlocked.... Continue Reading →

Will the Real Irene Please Stand Up?

To all others, she had a name. But to Sherlock Holmes, she was simply “The Woman.” In A Scandal in Bohemia, the first story about the great Sherlock Holmes by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, we meet the only woman ever to outsmart him. The King of Bohemia comes to ask Holmes’ assistance in recovering a... Continue Reading →

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