Changing Who I Am

Do you ever wonder who you are meant to be, who you are, and what you could have been like, if life hadn’t trampled you a few times? Looking back, I was a relatively good natured little girl, certainly shy but very opinionated. I said what I believed and what I thought. I was happy... Continue Reading →

Choosing Who We Become

(This photo has nothing to do with anything, but it's cute... so I use it.) It’s an age old mantra that you should act the way you want to become. Fearful? Act Brave. Bummed? Act Happy. I used to think that was inaccurate… before I discovered personality typing. I’ve noticed that I’m starting to become... Continue Reading →

Perfectionism: Just Stop

Are you a perfectionist? Are you ever satisfied with what you’ve done? Do you tweak things constantly? I struggle a lot with being an over-achieving perfectionist. I want things to look right, sound right, read right. I straighten pictures (and silverware). I “tweak” and “tweak” and if I didn’t have deadlines, I’d continue to “tweak”... Continue Reading →

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