The Mousy Heroine

I don’t know why, but whenever I visit Daphne de Maurier’s Rebecca, I always get to the end and feel like starting all over again. It’s a peculiar sensation because nothing about the story is moral or upstanding—but it haunts me. Draws me in. So back I run to Manderley. If you have never read... Continue Reading →


It was a lovely, rainy afternoon. I’d finished up work, Mom had finished up work, and Rebecca had just come in for me at the library. Mom saw it and said, “Let’s watch it together,” so we did. The story had been on both our minds, for the same reason – Rachel’s excellent article on... Continue Reading →

Femnista May June 2012

Femnista: Literary Women (May / June 2012)  Behind every great man is a great woman... and literature is full of them. Meet or rediscover some of literature’s most memorable females…  Read online or Download.   INSIDE THIS ISSUE:   Modern Heroines - Hermione, Bella, & Katniss 4 Feminine Mystique - The Women of Rebecca 6... Continue Reading →

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