The Tunnel: Life Inside the Bubble

Recently, I discussed sin with a friend and whether or not Christians can “choose” not to sin… to achieve a life without sin, despite living in a sinful world, by becoming one with Christ. I argued that this is difficult, because our decision may be “not sinful” on our end, but still have broader, sinful... Continue Reading →

The Historical Writer’s Oath

One of my major pet peeves is literary licenses taken with historical figures in serious historical literature. (I do not consider “speculative fiction” serious historical literature or any story where a historical figure is dealing with zombies, vampires, or magic; these stories are obvious fiction and never confused by a casual reader for the truth.)... Continue Reading →

An Illusion of Virtue

Fiction can be more society shaping than fact, particularly where historical figures are involved. Ask anyone on the street their impression of Henry VIII, and most impressions will come not from historical documentation but popular fictionalized representations of a larger than life tyrant. Perhaps the most accessible contributor to Henry’s maligned reputation comes from The... Continue Reading →

Hopeless Romantic: Langella & Dracula

Incurable romantics walk the earth, a wellspring from which forms poetry, idealistic sensationalism, and the re-interpretation of literary and symbolic themes. Frank Langella is one such actor, who approaches each role with natural sensuality and emotional nuance. From his flirtatious, emotional Diego de la Vega, to the tortured anti-hero of Sphinx, to his Sherlock Holmes... Continue Reading →

Exploring the Labyrinth.

This post manifested from a rather animated discussion with a friend in which many ideas were shared. 🙂 Is the Labyrinth real or an exploration of Sarah’s psyche? Everything in Sarah’s room becomes part of Labyrinth, in literal terms or under the guise of something else (the ball gown, her toys, even her Jareth doll).... Continue Reading →

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