Femnista March / April 2013

For our March / April issue, we challenged our writers to do something different -- write fan fiction! In this issue is a collection of one-shot stories centered around some of your favorite literature and film. → read online     → download Includes: Les Misérables, Major Crimes, Lord of the Rings, Pirates of the Caribbean, A... Continue Reading →


It was a lovely, rainy afternoon. I’d finished up work, Mom had finished up work, and Rebecca had just come in for me at the library. Mom saw it and said, “Let’s watch it together,” so we did. The story had been on both our minds, for the same reason – Rachel’s excellent article on... Continue Reading →

Inkblots: the Faith of Jane Eyre

I used to write for a lovely publication called Inkblots, which was a literary magazine run by a friend. Alas, it printed its final issue many years ago, but I've been sorting through my submissions and have decided to share a few here. ----------------------------------------------------------- By flickering candlelight in the throes of insomnia as she cared... Continue Reading →

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