Zach Nichols, The ISTP Detective

I first discovered Law & Order when I was still living with my parents. One afternoon, they started watching. Tried to interest me in it. Didn’t work. Then, I caved one afternoon, got hooked… and that was all, she wrote. I watched back to back episodes on TNT and new episodes on NBC for years.... Continue Reading →

The Personality Type of Sherlock Holmes

Ever since personality typing went mainstream, fans have fought over the personality types of famous literary characters – most notably, Sherlock Holmes. It usually winds up as a debate between INTP and INTJ, but neither one fits the canon Holmes. I recently addressed this on my tumblr, but will expound on it here. The original... Continue Reading →

The Mind Behind Sherlock

I go through life in obsessive spurts. I’ll be into something for awhile, then lose interest, and when a new aspect (or episode, as the case may be) turns up, I’m back in the thick of it obsessing to an unnatural level. Well, Sherlock is back for its all-too-short third season and I’ve been Sherlocked.... Continue Reading →

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