The Personalities of the Revolution

Since I’ve been talking about different personality types in this blog for awhile, I thought it might be fun to address the personality types of our most famous founders: George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, and Benjamin Franklin. George Washington was an ESTJ: a man of immediate decisive action, details, duty, honor, unflinching personal beliefs,... Continue Reading →

The Personality Type of Sherlock Holmes

Ever since personality typing went mainstream, fans have fought over the personality types of famous literary characters – most notably, Sherlock Holmes. It usually winds up as a debate between INTP and INTJ, but neither one fits the canon Holmes. I recently addressed this on my tumblr, but will expound on it here. The original... Continue Reading →

The Mind Behind Sherlock

I go through life in obsessive spurts. I’ll be into something for awhile, then lose interest, and when a new aspect (or episode, as the case may be) turns up, I’m back in the thick of it obsessing to an unnatural level. Well, Sherlock is back for its all-too-short third season and I’ve been Sherlocked.... Continue Reading →

The Mind Palace

Last night, in an hour, I memorized all the titles of Shakespeare’s plays in the order he wrote them. Pretty good for a girl who has never given a damn about Shakespeare (the literal amount of "I do not care" I extend toward Shakespeare horrifies most of my friends). I sat down at breakfast and... Continue Reading →

Mistaking Depression for Other Things

Lately there have been a lot of searches on this blog about depression, so let’s talk about it, shall we? The definition of depression is “sadness greater and more prolonged than warranted by any objective reason.” In lay terms, that means feeling sad for a long time but not understanding why, since there is no... Continue Reading →

What the Women of Fringe Taught Me

I may have issues with what J.J. Abrams has done with the Star Trek franchise (sexism, ahoy!) but I love his brainchild, the five-season sci-fi series Fringe. It’s the kind of thinking-viewer’s show that makes me go into spasms of delight. It asks hard questions, it makes me think, and it gives rational explanations for... Continue Reading →

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