Hannibal : The Art of BECOMING

Obscure spoilers for the series finale. You were warned. In The Great Divorce, C.S. Lewis approaches the idea of transformation through individuals given a chance to escape their dreary world for one day and dwell on the outskirts of a higher plain. Some of them retreat back to the bus, to return to the dismal... Continue Reading →

Choosing to be Evil

Several years ago, after a Halloween marathon of the Lecter films, I got into an argument with my friends over whether or not psychopaths are born or created. Though many excellent points were made on all sides, my opinion was that you can’t excuse bad behavior through abuse, because that doesn't vindicate the crimes perpetrated... Continue Reading →

My Intellectual Love Affair With Hannibal

Hannibal is a perfect example of true excellence in writing. It’s horrific, hideous, and intensely intellectual. It gets up, close, and personal with its audience with the intention of ripping out our hearts, messing with our heads, and forcing us to endure nightmarish horrors right along with its characters. In a way, Hannibal deals with... Continue Reading →

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