The God We Do / Don’t Want

Free will is such a complex topic, theologians have dedicated entire volumes to it, what it means in the spectrum of divine grace, and how much humans have of it (could we really destroy ourselves, or would God ‘stop us’? if He would stop us, is that the end of our ‘free will’? Does our... Continue Reading →

Through a Mirror Darkly

Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell was one of those books I started to read right after it came out, got distracted from, and then it went back to the library and I forgot about it. Once the miniseries started airing, I couldn’t stand not knowing how it would end, so I read it with great... Continue Reading →

A Crisis in Heaven

“Oh, dear, oh, dear.” Gabriel looks up from his scroll. He unfurls magnificent wings, made purely of light. “What’s wrong now, Mizelle?” The angel turns worried eyes upon him. “They did it again!” “Who did what?” Mizelle scampers across the golden street, his wings casting a shadow. He tugs slightly on his tunic. “They made... Continue Reading →

Tell the Truth — Always?

Let’s talk about lies. The Bible has a lot to say about it: lying is bad. Bearing false witness is bad. But what about when the truth would do more harm than good, do you tell the truth then? I’ve had conversations with people who said yes, even when it comes to life-or-death situations, you... Continue Reading →

Too Much of a Good Thing

There’s an old saying that too much of a good thing is bad. I certainly know that too much cake makes your stomach hurt. Too much suns gives you a sunburn. Cake isn’t bad (well, it is, but we don’t want to talk about that) and neither is sunshine, but in excess it becomes problematic.... Continue Reading →

Defending Pilate & Judas

Someone remarked to me the other day that he had heard several sermons over the years stating that Pontius Pilate and Judas are condemned to burn eternally in hell for their role in Jesus’ crucifixion. I stared at him for a moment and said, “That’s absurd.” Blaming Pilate, or Judas, for Christ’s crucifixion takes the... Continue Reading →

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