Cinderella: A Lesson in Forgiveness

I have many thoughts churning over in my head about Cinderella this morning, from what a perfect example of an ISFJ she is to the sheer magnificence of her wedding gown (Grace Kelly would have been proud!). Some of them may come out in later posts, but two things are resonating with me the strongest…... Continue Reading →

My Favorite Movies: Maleficent

When I truly love a movie as much as I love Maleficent, it’s hard to put it into words the reasons why. It appealed to me on every imaginable level -- spiritually, emotionally, and visually. As a feminist, I loved its messages of female empowerment. As a greenie, I liked its main character's connection to... Continue Reading →

Are All Lies Sinful?

Have you ever told a lie? If you say no, you’re lying. We all lie – sometimes intentionally, sometimes unknowingly. Christians in particular believe in not telling lies. Why? The Bible is full of references to how bad lying is. Why? Satan is the father of lies, the first teller of lies, the adversary of... Continue Reading →

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