Movies I Love: Dracula (1979)

  Last night, as I watched this film for the first time in HD (but not for the first time!), I pondered what to say about it. I have interesting reminiscences about my discovery of it, funny anecdotes about introducing others to it, and an obscene amount of knowledge about the filming process, stage production... Continue Reading →

My Favorite Movies: The Patriot

Some movies get so much right that I can forget what they get wrong. This is the case with The Patriot. Every Independence Day, I watch it – usually alone, because no one else in the family can “take it.” My reasons for doing so are both out of appreciation for the film itself, and... Continue Reading →

My Favorite Movies: Maleficent

When I truly love a movie as much as I love Maleficent, it’s hard to put it into words the reasons why. It appealed to me on every imaginable level -- spiritually, emotionally, and visually. As a feminist, I loved its messages of female empowerment. As a greenie, I liked its main character's connection to... Continue Reading →

My Favorite Movies: The Godfather

Modern audiences might find this movie boring, since it’s less of an action film and more of a character-driven piece, about “Family” in all its forms, but more specifically, a mob family.The Italian mafia fascinates me, because they’re such a bundle of contradictions; it’s “not personal, it’s business,” even when it comes to Family matters... Continue Reading →

My Favorite Movies: Gladiator

Now and again, I have the thought that maybe -- just maybe -- Gladiator is overrated. Then, I watch it and realize… it’s not. Inevitably, by the end I’ve reached a conclusion that it is one of, if not THE, best movie ever made, purely from a cinematic standpoint. It is just that good, and... Continue Reading →

My Favorite Movies: 3:10 to Yuma

Every time I watch this movie, I can’t get it out of my head. I love big, morally ambiguous films like this one… stories that don’t spell out everything, that lures us into a false sense of security about characters and then sock us in the gut with their actions… tales that make me think.... Continue Reading →

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