Sex & the Christian Writer

Let’s talk about writing sex. Specifically, let’s talk about writing sex … from a Christian perspective. Don’t pretend, as a writer, this isn’t something you struggle with, or think about, because it is. Writers write stories about human beings and their emotions, which means inevitably, sex is going to come up. Some authors choose not... Continue Reading →

Write What You Love

I’ve known I wanted to be a writer since age eleven. It just occurred to me one day that books don’t magically turn up on shelves; people write them. So, I started writing and have never stopped. I have not gone more than three days without working on a book in the twenty years since. Some... Continue Reading →

It’s a BIG DAY!

Hello, Dear Readers! I have had an… interesting month, and an even more interesting last 24 hours. (I had company, which was delightful. I also had a tornado warning last night, which was not so wonderful... and then this morning the power went out, which meant hooking up the generator so my company could shower... Continue Reading →

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