A.D. The Bible Continues: Episode 9

I’m so delighted with the series' depiction of Paul. I really am. Only he could think that being run out of Damascus after creating a riot in the temple was “incredible.” He goes running home to Jerusalem eager to embrace the disciples and Peter, and then is baffled with their inability to get over everything... Continue Reading →

A.D. The Bible Continues, Episode 5

A couple of things really slapped me across the face this week. One was the scene with Peter and Caiaphas singing over Boaz’ body. For a moment, they were equals, of the same mind, a reminder of how alike in that sense they are – men living under tyrannical oppression in a brutal culture …... Continue Reading →

A.D. The Bible Continues, Episode Four

I think Pilate has lost his mind. But more on that later. Episode four of “A.D.” deals with Peter and John’s trial before Caiaphas, the death of Ananias and Sapphira, meeting Barnabas, and the ongoing angst surrounding the assassination attempt against Pilate. First things first. This Peter is awesome. He’s been awesome from the start,... Continue Reading →

A.D. The Bible Continues, Episode Three

I’m a little confused with a couple narrative choices in this episode, but let’s explore it anyway. This week, King Herod came to Jerusalem and tried to lecture Pilate on respecting the feast of Pentecost by insisting he remove his soldiers from the temple. Pilate refused and instead insisted upon attending the festival and entering... Continue Reading →

A.D. The Bible Continues, Episode 2

I continue to be impressed with this show’s accuracy, in terms of painting an (almost) realistic portrait of what life was like in Judea around the time of Christ’s death. And I like what they are doing with Pilate, in the sense that he is becoming the personification of Rome itself within the Judean government.... Continue Reading →

A.D. The Bible Continues, Episode One

I’m a Biblical epic junkie, and geek historian. I’ve read Josephus. I’ve read scripture. And I’m currently working my way through all of theologian, pastor, and historian N.T. Wright’s sermons on the gospels. I am never NOT in the mood for a good Ancient Roman-Judean epic and... I've just found my proverbial new best friend.... Continue Reading →

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