Robin Hood, Champion of Freedom?

Not long ago, my brother came up to me and gleefully announced, “I’ve been doing research on Guess who our ancestor is!”“I don’t know, but whoever it is better be cool.”“Prince John!”I stared at him. “Prince John?”“Prince John.”“THE Prince John? Thumb-sucking Prince John? ‘I want my mama’ Prince John? The scummy Prince John that... Continue Reading →

July 21 Editorial: Sensible Women

I have always had a fondness for sensible, strong women, whether in books, films, or in real life. I grew up admiring such remarkable women as Mother Theresa, who set up an outreach to assist the sick and dying natives of Calcutta, to Amy Carmichael, a missionary best known for rescuing abandoned and orphaned children... Continue Reading →

The Symbolism of the Victorians

I am just a little bit picky when it comes to literature. There are many excellent books out there, written by authors in all stages of life about many different kinds of people. But when it comes right down to it, I love Victorian authors the most. Not because they are easy to read (they... Continue Reading →

Consequences & Choices: The Thorn Birds

Have you ever fancied a priest? Lord knows I have (and I don't use that term lightly, He knows all about it!). There's something incredibly alluring about a man dressed all in black who is unattainable and seemingly incorruptible, something so attractive in the concept of a man devoting himself so wholeheartedly to God that... Continue Reading →


How does one exactly bid farewell to the end of a history-setting era? I'm not entirely sure. Last night, the series finale of Law & Order aired and for a moment it brought back a lot of memories. The writers and cast did not know this was the end but in many ways it was... Continue Reading →

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