Final Season: Smallville & Faith & Love

It is almost fitting that I would be listening to Katy Perry's "Futuristic Lover" on repeat all this week. It's a song about a supernatural force living among humans, hypnotic with shades of good and evil. Entering Smallville's last season has been an interesting experience for me as a fan, because on one hand it... Continue Reading →

Common Misconceptions about the Reformation

One of my friends waltzed in this morning and said, "Our guest speaker at the college spoke on the Reformation this morning. He glorified Anne Boleyn and Henry VIII for bringing the 'light' to England, and referenced Katharine of Aragon and Mary in sneering terms."My response?"OH NO HE DIDN'T!!!"It is a blessing for many that... Continue Reading →

Editorial: What the Dickens?

  In the late 1800’s, English society had a social commentator in the form of the novelist Charles Dickens. Though he did not profess to be anything more than a writer, his work not only reflected society, it also influenced it. Although best known for his memorable characters and their unforgettable names (the cold-hearted Ebenezer... Continue Reading →

We Are Not Amused!

There is nothing more American than having a bit of a fondness for foreign historical monarchs. (Perhaps living in a Republic makes us more fascinated with them as a result? No? That’s just me? Okay, then!) One of my favorites is Queen Victoria. During her long and prosperous reign, England produced some of its finest... Continue Reading →

when stories mean something

Autumn has arrived and that means every day that passes brings us one step nearer to the first installment of Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows. In a way, I am almost dreading it, because waiting for the film permits me to love it just a little bit longer. Once the last two movies are... Continue Reading →

Confessions of a Literary Snob

I confess to being just a little bit of a literary snob. I have known this ever since one of my friends brought up the new “trend” in fiction—taking classics, altering them to include “monsters,” and mass marketing them. She made the grave error of confessing that she loved Pride & Prejudice & Zombies. A... Continue Reading →

Hiya, Red!

I don't know where my obsession with red hair came from. I suspect it started with Anne Shirley, who was my heroine as a kid. I loved those old movies (well, back then they were relatively new) with Meghan Follows. To this day, I do not know if my fondness for Anne is due to... Continue Reading →

Robin Hood, Champion of Freedom?

Not long ago, my brother came up to me and gleefully announced, “I’ve been doing research on Guess who our ancestor is!”“I don’t know, but whoever it is better be cool.”“Prince John!”I stared at him. “Prince John?”“Prince John.”“THE Prince John? Thumb-sucking Prince John? ‘I want my mama’ Prince John? The scummy Prince John that... Continue Reading →

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