Lessons from An ISFJ Vampire

Note: this references shortened terms for cognitive functions: Si (Introverted Sensing, a subjective mythology based on personal experience), Fe (Extroverted Feeling, or objective emotions centered around the welfare of others), Ti (Introverted Thinking, or subjective reasoning and the desire to understand the WHY), and Ne (Extroverted Intuition, or seeing the potential possibilities around an object... Continue Reading →

Movies I Love: Dracula (1979)

  Last night, as I watched this film for the first time in HD (but not for the first time!), I pondered what to say about it. I have interesting reminiscences about my discovery of it, funny anecdotes about introducing others to it, and an obscene amount of knowledge about the filming process, stage production... Continue Reading →

Christians, Vampires & Magic

I really do keep up on what people search for on this blog, and sometimes it prompts me to write posts about it, if I haven’t addressed that particular topic in the archives. So, one particular search term this week stood out to me: “should Christians read about vampires and magic”? My response? It depends... Continue Reading →

Is Fiction How We Misbehave?

Christians girls are an unusual breed. Most of us behave ourselves rather well. We don’t date jerks. We (usually) don’t drink. We don’t sleep around. Our parents don’t have to stress out over our behavior, and we’re in church at least once a week, if not more. But, if other Christian girls are anything like... Continue Reading →

Why Women Love Twilight

I recently ran across this article and ... it says everything I was intending to say in a future blog post, but in such a succinct manner that I am left with no real desire to expound on it. "The recent surge in vampire stories displays a hunger in our society for the stability often... Continue Reading →

The Ultimate Outcast

I love vampire stuff. As a Christian, maybe I shouldn’t – but I do. It’s who I am. God has been changing me in a lot of ways over the last few months, but so far that hasn’t shifted. I still love Moonlight and mourn that it only had one season. I still love to... Continue Reading →

Musings on Twilight

The first half of Breaking Dawn comes out today and I'm seeing it tomorrow with a friend who feels much the same as I do about the Twilight Saga -- ambiguous. If you were to ask me on any given day what my impressions and thoughts of the series are, you might get two different... Continue Reading →

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