Short Story: Wiggins’ Christmas

Mom kept pestering me to write a Sherlock Holmes short story about the Baker Street Irregulars. I gifted this to her for Christmas this year. Snow pummels the high street, dampening the back of my tattered trousers, the hole in my left boot sticking to wet cobblestones. I slip on uneven ground, catch myself, and... Continue Reading →

221 B Baker Street Correspondence

Dear Readers, It is with utmost regret that I inform you that Charity is currently buried under a mountain of volumes, which she insisted upon piling in an enormous stack to “prove” how much research she is doing on her novels. I warned her of the high probability the pile would collapse on top of... Continue Reading →

Sherlock: A Man Out Of Time

Did anyone else watch The Abominable Bride? I had so much fun with it, I was cracking up hours later over dinner, talking about completely unrelated things. My family has not seen me that high since I ate an entire carton of ice cream by myself. Victorian Holmes: I have been dying to see Benedict... Continue Reading →

The Personality Type of Sherlock Holmes

Ever since personality typing went mainstream, fans have fought over the personality types of famous literary characters – most notably, Sherlock Holmes. It usually winds up as a debate between INTP and INTJ, but neither one fits the canon Holmes. I recently addressed this on my tumblr, but will expound on it here. The original... Continue Reading →

Lessons from Moriarty

As a devout Sherlockian, I have made it my solemn duty to watch every film centered around him. I have found some real turds, some real gems, and one movie with a better Moriarty than Holmes. Herein lies the lessons gleaned from his wisdom in Hands of a Murderer. Be awesome. Sure, they are going... Continue Reading →

The Mind Behind Sherlock

I go through life in obsessive spurts. I’ll be into something for awhile, then lose interest, and when a new aspect (or episode, as the case may be) turns up, I’m back in the thick of it obsessing to an unnatural level. Well, Sherlock is back for its all-too-short third season and I’ve been Sherlocked.... Continue Reading →

The Mind Palace

Last night, in an hour, I memorized all the titles of Shakespeare’s plays in the order he wrote them. Pretty good for a girl who has never given a damn about Shakespeare (the literal amount of "I do not care" I extend toward Shakespeare horrifies most of my friends). I sat down at breakfast and... Continue Reading →

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