Hopeless Romantic: Langella & Dracula

Incurable romantics walk the earth, a wellspring from which forms poetry, idealistic sensationalism, and the re-interpretation of literary and symbolic themes. Frank Langella is one such actor, who approaches each role with natural sensuality and emotional nuance. From his flirtatious, emotional Diego de la Vega, to the tortured anti-hero of Sphinx, to his Sherlock Holmes... Continue Reading →

Sex & the Christian Writer

Let’s talk about writing sex. Specifically, let’s talk about writing sex … from a Christian perspective. Don’t pretend, as a writer, this isn’t something you struggle with, or think about, because it is. Writers write stories about human beings and their emotions, which means inevitably, sex is going to come up. Some authors choose not... Continue Reading →

On Healthy & Unhealthy Love

“I have defined love as the will to extend oneself for the purpose of nurturing one’s own and another’s spiritual growth.” – Dr. Peck, The Road Less Traveled I’ve been reading this book and finding it both thought provoking and disturbing in my realization that my approach to “love” is radically different than what it... Continue Reading →

Phantom of the Opera: Lust & Love

It has been a long six months since the official release of The Phantom of the Opera live performance at the Royal Albert Hall was announced for 2012. It finally hits American distributors on Tuesday and all I can say is, it’s about time! Many of my obsessions have come and go, but my love... Continue Reading →

The Virgin Queen

The new film Anonymous seems to have scholastic knickers in a wad. I cannot say that I blame them, considering it proposes the much-disputed notion that William Shakespeare did not write his plays. I’m actually rather keen to see the movie, merely as a cinematic experience and Tudor costume drama (what can I say, I... Continue Reading →

How the World Sees Us

It is that time of year: when the tree leaves turn beautiful colors, we drink hot chocolate and eat bowls of steaming stew, and even indulge our macabre side a little bit. Or we would, if it hadn't snowed, knocked most of the pretty leaves off, and blanketed the country in white. Halloween has never... Continue Reading →

Our Inner Yearning

I have a confession to make -- I have always liked older women more than younger ones. This began at a young age when Christy first premiered on CBS. Of course, I liked Christy Huddleston... and I always rather fancied her with David (yes, I know, heresy ... but as a sensible child, I did... Continue Reading →

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