Love Never Dies

[ how Love Never Dies came to be ] “Okay, so I’ve been thinking about the sequel to Phantom—” “Wait, what sequel to Phantom?” “The one I’m working on. It’s great, you’re going to love it! So the Phantom is now at Coney Island.” “Why Coney Island?” “Because it’s cool, and that’s where his freak... Continue Reading →

Phangasm – Phantom of the Opera

Normally this goes around as a 30 day challenge, but I figured I might test the patience of everyone reading this blog by only answering one question a day for 30 days, so you get all the answers in one shot! How you first learned about Phantom. My aunt first told me about it, and... Continue Reading →

Phantom of the Opera: Lust & Love

It has been a long six months since the official release of The Phantom of the Opera live performance at the Royal Albert Hall was announced for 2012. It finally hits American distributors on Tuesday and all I can say is, it’s about time! Many of my obsessions have come and go, but my love... Continue Reading →

The Phantom of the Opera

This past weekend, at the Royal Albert Hall in London, Phantom of the Opera turned 25 years old. No one knew when the show opened that it would become one of the most profitable shows in the history of live theater, nor that it would become the longest continuing run, surpassing even Cats. It has... Continue Reading →

Phantom: Love Never Dies

I have to admit, Love Never Dies is growing on me.When news that Andrew Lloyd Webber was writing a sequel to Phantom of the Opera was released, I was not amused. In my mind, how can you improve on perfection and the glorious blend of sorrow and beauty in the original's magnificent ending? My fear... Continue Reading →

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