Things Captain America Can Teach Us

I’ve been listening to David by Chuck Swindoll. The first chapter is about what God looks for in David, which is character – being the same person in private as in public: reliable, honest, wholesome. David is responsible because tending sheep has made him so; he handled the little things in life with integrity, which... Continue Reading →

The Mastermind of a Villain

Some of the best villains in literature and film are INTJ’s, from Magneto to Hannibal Lecter. What makes them villains is probably their higher percentages than your average, ordinary INTJ off the street -- higher percentages that result in a diminished lack of concern for the well-being of others, an increased curiosity for "watching the... Continue Reading →

Tell the Truth — Always?

Let’s talk about lies. The Bible has a lot to say about it: lying is bad. Bearing false witness is bad. But what about when the truth would do more harm than good, do you tell the truth then? I’ve had conversations with people who said yes, even when it comes to life-or-death situations, you... Continue Reading →


My dad can be brutally honest sometimes. (In case you wondered, that’s where I got it. And from my mother and grandmother and…) I was musing the other day on why I like things I shouldn’t, and he said, “It’s because your appreciation of entertainment outweighs your moral worldview.” Ouch. But it’s true, and it’s... Continue Reading →

The Hunger Games

At one point in the big-screen blockbuster Gladiator, Russel Crowe stares into the crowd and screams, “Are you not entertained?” Gladiator is the story of a man forced to fight for his life. He does not enjoy it. In fact, he abhors it. But he has no choice: fight or die. Last night, I was... Continue Reading →

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