The Personality Type of Sherlock Holmes

Ever since personality typing went mainstream, fans have fought over the personality types of famous literary characters – most notably, Sherlock Holmes. It usually winds up as a debate between INTP and INTJ, but neither one fits the canon Holmes. I recently addressed this on my tumblr, but will expound on it here. The original... Continue Reading →

The Façade of Dracula

Have you ever stepped outside your usual emotional reaction and looked at something you love objectively? It can be a truly enlightening experience, not only about the thing itself but you as an individual. My hobby of MBTI typing fictional characters has forced me to look at them more objectively. With Halloween around the corner,... Continue Reading →

Why Are All Villains INTJs?

People search that on my blog just about every week. Let me help you out here: many villains are NOT INTJs! How will you know if one IS an INTJ? A well-calculated, completely rational plan from a mind ten steps ahead of everyone else involved. (Please see: Hannibal Lecter, Benedict’s Khan, Disney’s Claude Frollo, and... Continue Reading →

The Mastermind of a Villain

Some of the best villains in literature and film are INTJ’s, from Magneto to Hannibal Lecter. What makes them villains is probably their higher percentages than your average, ordinary INTJ off the street -- higher percentages that result in a diminished lack of concern for the well-being of others, an increased curiosity for "watching the... Continue Reading →

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