David Bowie: Discerning Ni-dom

Can we talk about two things? One is David Bowie. The other is how “easy” it is to be (mis)typed as a Ni-dom online. I watch people automatically type characters and celebrities as Ni-dom all the time, when they show absolutely zero emphasis on actual Ni. Basically, it comes down to a method like this:... Continue Reading →

The Writer’s Burden

This morning, I got up bright and early (before the sun even came up). I stretched a bit, fed the cat her morning dose of cream, and walked into my office… where I killed someone. This is a person I’ve come to love, who is dear to me. But he had to die. Why? Because... Continue Reading →

What the Women of Fringe Taught Me

I may have issues with what J.J. Abrams has done with the Star Trek franchise (sexism, ahoy!) but I love his brainchild, the five-season sci-fi series Fringe. It’s the kind of thinking-viewer’s show that makes me go into spasms of delight. It asks hard questions, it makes me think, and it gives rational explanations for... Continue Reading →

Perfectionism: Just Stop

Are you a perfectionist? Are you ever satisfied with what you’ve done? Do you tweak things constantly? I struggle a lot with being an over-achieving perfectionist. I want things to look right, sound right, read right. I straighten pictures (and silverware). I “tweak” and “tweak” and if I didn’t have deadlines, I’d continue to “tweak”... Continue Reading →

Editorial: Defeating Depression

This time of the year either makes people depressed or encourages them to wallow in depression. For those who don’t struggle with it, it’s a hard thing to understand. So let’s talk about it. WHAT IS IT? The absence of emotion. No anger, no happiness, no joy, just emptiness. WHAT CAUSES IT? Just about anything... Continue Reading →

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