The Historical Writer’s Oath

One of my major pet peeves is literary licenses taken with historical figures in serious historical literature. (I do not consider “speculative fiction” serious historical literature or any story where a historical figure is dealing with zombies, vampires, or magic; these stories are obvious fiction and never confused by a casual reader for the truth.)... Continue Reading →

1500s History: Down with the Foreigners!

English History in the 1500s was not so different than it is now; we face many of the same issues plaguing the court of Henry VIII. In May 1517, there was a large contingent of French and Italian immigrants in London. They were situated near the city’s financial district and providing many services for the... Continue Reading →

Can We Trust History?

“Now is the winter of our discontent / Made glorious summer by this son of York.” —Shakespeare’s Richard The Third In historical research, you look at events from as many sides as possible, and place eyewitness accounts into context by being aware of the circumstances in which the events took place, and who is recording... Continue Reading →

How Art Changed History

Henry VII had a problem. He had just taken the throne from Richard III, one of the “sons of York,” and faced uprisings. What did he do? Employ art, of course! Medieval imagery combined history, religion, philosophy, and astrology into dualistic themes intended to cement an agenda. It was common for writers of the period... Continue Reading →

1500s History: Are We Smarter?

Studying history is as humbling an experience as it is enlightening. It is easy to become convinced of one’s own “superiority” to those living in former centuries, but an in-depth study of their lives, writings, and philosophical and theological points of view often illustrates that while the past may have had its superstitions, it also... Continue Reading →


I'm releasing my latest historical speculative fiction / magical realism book today! Purchase from Amazon. Purchase from CreateSpace. Purchase from Smashwords. Add on Goodreads. Back Cover: What if you knew when someone was about to die… and could do nothing to stop it? Each time, it starts as an itch in the back of her... Continue Reading →

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