The Symbolism of Wonder Woman

The new Wonder Woman is a lesson in the ancient myth of femininity and a forward in the feminist revolution. Much to my consternation, ‘feminism’ doesn’t mean ‘equality among the sexes’ in modern language; it more often means ‘man-hater.’ When Diana turned up in this film not only sporting a good attitude toward Steve and... Continue Reading →

Misunderstanding Feminism

As a feminist, I have noticed a disturbing trend in recent historical productions. Since writer Emma Frost defined The White Princess, an adaptation of a Tudor novel by Philippa Gregory, as a “feminist story,” I feel it’s fair to point out the behaviors exhibited in it are not “feminist.” I also want to use the ITV... Continue Reading →

My Favorite Movies: Maleficent

When I truly love a movie as much as I love Maleficent, it’s hard to put it into words the reasons why. It appealed to me on every imaginable level -- spiritually, emotionally, and visually. As a feminist, I loved its messages of female empowerment. As a greenie, I liked its main character's connection to... Continue Reading →

What the Women of Fringe Taught Me

I may have issues with what J.J. Abrams has done with the Star Trek franchise (sexism, ahoy!) but I love his brainchild, the five-season sci-fi series Fringe. It’s the kind of thinking-viewer’s show that makes me go into spasms of delight. It asks hard questions, it makes me think, and it gives rational explanations for... Continue Reading →

The Women in Oz

I like stories with brave, heroic, strong female protagonists. As a girl, how could I not? (I like a good hero, too, but sometimes I want a girl-power.) Earlier this year, I saw Hansel & Gretel, in which the heroine is a butt-kicking witch-hunter. Needless to say, I liked her. For me, her role in... Continue Reading →

The Evolution of Guinevere

I’ve always had a bone to pick with the fabled Queen Guinevere. Girl had it good – she was married to King Arthur of Camelot, and then she decides to cheat with Sir Lancelot? I-D-I-O-T. Okay, so Arthur isn’t much of a catch in some of the legends, but still. Talk about having a good thing... Continue Reading →

The Feminine Culture

Our culture loves women. In fact, I would venture to say that our modern culture celebrates and caters to women more than any previous generation ever has. Look at the evidence: many top-rated shows have a female in the lead, most sci-fi series revolve around women, and many of the top-selling books (can anyone say... Continue Reading →

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