Creating Monsters to Devour Us

Man’s hubris knows no bounds. Mary Shelley knew this when she wrote the now-famous novel, Frankenstein. And so it is a fitting tribute to have her portrait hung on the walls of a mansion in Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, as a reminder to audiences that the themes of her book are still relevant today. The... Continue Reading →

Misunderstanding Feminism

As a feminist, I have noticed a disturbing trend in recent historical productions. Since writer Emma Frost defined The White Princess, an adaptation of a Tudor novel by Philippa Gregory, as a “feminist story,” I feel it’s fair to point out the behaviors exhibited in it are not “feminist.” I also want to use the ITV... Continue Reading →

Zombie Among Us

Zombies are “in” right now, whether it’s watching the antics of a suburban housewife who awakens one morning after enormous amounts of vomiting to discover she has a taste for human flesh, or a white-haired, pale morgue assistant who eats brains to solve people’s murders (taking on the traits of her dinner’s behavior and personality... Continue Reading →

The Dollhouse Culture

I remember when this show premiered on Fox. I sat through two seasons, enraptured. Joss Whedon brought an unusual, ethically disturbing concept to the airwaves—an elite organization who provides programmable humans for a fee. The “dolls” are whatever you require, dominatrix or assassin. They agree to a five-year contract and memory wipe. On the surface,... Continue Reading →

The Flash: Memories of an Idealized Self

I’ve always found it impossible to watch superhero stories without finding symbolic, mythological archetypes. Heroism vs. evil, overcoming adversity, and a “little” man attaining superhuman abilities and using them toward good ends speaks to audiences on a multitude of levels. It resonates with inner truths, our moral centers, as well as speaks to our distant,... Continue Reading →

The Tunnel: Life Inside the Bubble

Recently, I discussed sin with a friend and whether or not Christians can “choose” not to sin… to achieve a life without sin, despite living in a sinful world, by becoming one with Christ. I argued that this is difficult, because our decision may be “not sinful” on our end, but still have broader, sinful... Continue Reading →

Does Star Wars Reflect the Modern Age?

The new Star Wars (don’t worry, no spoilers!) is an interesting reflection on the modern era, about a villain becoming a villain through his choices, and heroes becoming heroes by facing similar choices and selecting the moral path. The Jedi are a myth; the next generation grew up without them. Kylo Ren believes returning to... Continue Reading →

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