Movies I Love: Dracula (1979)

  Last night, as I watched this film for the first time in HD (but not for the first time!), I pondered what to say about it. I have interesting reminiscences about my discovery of it, funny anecdotes about introducing others to it, and an obscene amount of knowledge about the filming process, stage production... Continue Reading →

My Favorite Movies: The Godfather

Modern audiences might find this movie boring, since it’s less of an action film and more of a character-driven piece, about “Family” in all its forms, but more specifically, a mob family.The Italian mafia fascinates me, because they’re such a bundle of contradictions; it’s “not personal, it’s business,” even when it comes to Family matters... Continue Reading →

Pontius Pilate

If left to our own devices, Mom and I would have ad-libbed the entire way through Ben-Hur. One can't help it. The former style of film-making, the grandiose melodrama that pervades each and every frame, and the absolute stupidity (at least to logical females) of Judah setting eyes on Esther and falling madly, desperately, violently, passionately... Continue Reading →

Gone With the Wind 70th Anniversary

This month marks the 70th anniversary of the release of the 1939 motion picture Gone With the Wind, based on the bestselling novel of the same name by Margaret Mitchell. Considered one of the great classics of early cinema, the full-color film has stood the test of time and never seen a remake -- nor,... Continue Reading →

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