How Art Changed History

Henry VII had a problem. He had just taken the throne from Richard III, one of the “sons of York,” and faced uprisings. What did he do? Employ art, of course! Medieval imagery combined history, religion, philosophy, and astrology into dualistic themes intended to cement an agenda. It was common for writers of the period... Continue Reading →

Does Star Wars Reflect the Modern Age?

The new Star Wars (don’t worry, no spoilers!) is an interesting reflection on the modern era, about a villain becoming a villain through his choices, and heroes becoming heroes by facing similar choices and selecting the moral path. The Jedi are a myth; the next generation grew up without them. Kylo Ren believes returning to... Continue Reading →

Femnista: November / December 2015

READ ONLINE or DOWNLOAD. In this issue: texts from the 1500s, Raphael, Mary I, Ever After, Elizabeth I, Michelangelo, Katharine von Bora, William Shakespeare, The Art & Religion of the Middle Ages. Next issue: Classic Hollywood (Jan/Feb 2016). See upcoming issues. Interested in participating? Let me know. A FREE product of Charity’s Place.

1500s History: Are We Smarter?

Studying history is as humbling an experience as it is enlightening. It is easy to become convinced of one’s own “superiority” to those living in former centuries, but an in-depth study of their lives, writings, and philosophical and theological points of view often illustrates that while the past may have had its superstitions, it also... Continue Reading →

Hannibal : The Art of BECOMING

Obscure spoilers for the series finale. You were warned. In The Great Divorce, C.S. Lewis approaches the idea of transformation through individuals given a chance to escape their dreary world for one day and dwell on the outskirts of a higher plain. Some of them retreat back to the bus, to return to the dismal... Continue Reading →

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