Theoretical Opinions

I’ve come to the conclusion that I hold a lot of “theoretical” opinions; my views are more abstract than concrete. I firmly believe them inside my own mind, when I say them, but they don’t always translate into the real world. They also change with life experience. As I encounter more people, things, ideas, and... Continue Reading →

The Dollhouse Culture

I remember when this show premiered on Fox. I sat through two seasons, enraptured. Joss Whedon brought an unusual, ethically disturbing concept to the airwaves—an elite organization who provides programmable humans for a fee. The “dolls” are whatever you require, dominatrix or assassin. They agree to a five-year contract and memory wipe. On the surface,... Continue Reading →

The Flash: Memories of an Idealized Self

I’ve always found it impossible to watch superhero stories without finding symbolic, mythological archetypes. Heroism vs. evil, overcoming adversity, and a “little” man attaining superhuman abilities and using them toward good ends speaks to audiences on a multitude of levels. It resonates with inner truths, our moral centers, as well as speaks to our distant,... Continue Reading →

The Tunnel: Life Inside the Bubble

Recently, I discussed sin with a friend and whether or not Christians can “choose” not to sin… to achieve a life without sin, despite living in a sinful world, by becoming one with Christ. I argued that this is difficult, because our decision may be “not sinful” on our end, but still have broader, sinful... Continue Reading →

Excellent Read

This came through my blogroll last night. It is well worth reading. Recently, I've been engaged in heavy conversations with multiple people about art's role in Christianity -- or rather, its lack thereof, within Christian circles. Along with it, I've noticed, comes a tendency within such stories to go the way of intellectual laziness. Establishing... Continue Reading →

Alexei Karenin: Divine Love Vs. Religion

Watching Anna Karenina (the 2000 miniseries) is always a mistake. I get caught up in over-thinking Anna’s husband and ponder nothing else for days. I could run in all directions with it, but I'll cut you a break and choose one. Nothing kills godliness more than religion. One is a transforming heart experience that brings... Continue Reading →

Imagine… Risen

Imagine you are a Roman centurion stationed in Judea, tasked with keeping the zealots in line. They were a group of fanatical religious Jews intent on liberating themselves from Roman influence. It does not take much for them to riot, attack Romans in the street, or plan larger-scale battles. Each year, over a hundred thousand... Continue Reading →

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