The Spanish Princess: First Rant

I've had several of you ask me in private what I think about this upcoming miniseries, so I may as well chronicle my reaction in public: it includes loud screaming. I read this book (The Constant Princess) about 12 years ago and it made me angry. Normally, I don't sanction book burning, but I watched... Continue Reading →

A.D. The Bible Continues, Episode Three

I’m a little confused with a couple narrative choices in this episode, but let’s explore it anyway. This week, King Herod came to Jerusalem and tried to lecture Pilate on respecting the feast of Pentecost by insisting he remove his soldiers from the temple. Pilate refused and instead insisted upon attending the festival and entering... Continue Reading →

A.D. The Bible Continues, Episode 2

I continue to be impressed with this show’s accuracy, in terms of painting an (almost) realistic portrait of what life was like in Judea around the time of Christ’s death. And I like what they are doing with Pilate, in the sense that he is becoming the personification of Rome itself within the Judean government.... Continue Reading →

A.D. The Bible Continues, Episode One

I’m a Biblical epic junkie, and geek historian. I’ve read Josephus. I’ve read scripture. And I’m currently working my way through all of theologian, pastor, and historian N.T. Wright’s sermons on the gospels. I am never NOT in the mood for a good Ancient Roman-Judean epic and... I've just found my proverbial new best friend.... Continue Reading →

Gods & Teddy Bears: Sebastian & Aloysius

Evelyn Waugh’s Brideshead Revisited is a fascinating piece of literature, a blend of autobiographical musings and sentiment, laced with thought-provoking controversies. It is an unusual exploration of immorality and faith. We can sum it up in one unforgettable image: Sebastian Flyte and his teddy bear, Aloysius. This nondescript brown bear accompanies the eccentric, flamboyant, and... Continue Reading →

Dear Julian Fellowes

More on other things tomorrow (like Titanic: Blood & Steel), but... waaaaaah, and I'm really, really glad I had spoilers going into this episode of Downton Abbey.


It was a lovely, rainy afternoon. I’d finished up work, Mom had finished up work, and Rebecca had just come in for me at the library. Mom saw it and said, “Let’s watch it together,” so we did. The story had been on both our minds, for the same reason – Rachel’s excellent article on... Continue Reading →

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