Our Culture’s Obsession With Vampires

I have had two people make comments in the last week to me about vampires, so it seems fitting to wish my blog friends a Happy Halloween by sharing my thoughts on the “vampire phenomenon.” The first was my mother, sighing and inquiring, “Why is everything about vampires now?” when I mentioned that Tim Burton... Continue Reading →

Final Season: Smallville & Heroism

I really do not think very many people would argue with me that the final season of Smallville is proving to be its best in terms of plot lines, advancing the characters forward, and bringing us ever-nearer to that epic moment when Clark Kent will become Superman. The last two episodes have been fantastic in... Continue Reading →

Sherlock: A Study in Pink

Most of the time I am not hard to please, but there are exceptions. Sherlock Holmes is one of them. I have a love / hate relationship with most of the Sherlock Holmes representations on the screen, ranging from them turning Watson into a dolt in the Basil Rathbone productions to having Holmes shooting up... Continue Reading →

Final Season: Smallville & Faith & Love

It is almost fitting that I would be listening to Katy Perry's "Futuristic Lover" on repeat all this week. It's a song about a supernatural force living among humans, hypnotic with shades of good and evil. Entering Smallville's last season has been an interesting experience for me as a fan, because on one hand it... Continue Reading →

Common Misconceptions about the Reformation

One of my friends waltzed in this morning and said, "Our guest speaker at the college spoke on the Reformation this morning. He glorified Anne Boleyn and Henry VIII for bringing the 'light' to England, and referenced Katharine of Aragon and Mary in sneering terms."My response?"OH NO HE DIDN'T!!!"It is a blessing for many that... Continue Reading →

Editorial: What the Dickens?

  In the late 1800’s, English society had a social commentator in the form of the novelist Charles Dickens. Though he did not profess to be anything more than a writer, his work not only reflected society, it also influenced it. Although best known for his memorable characters and their unforgettable names (the cold-hearted Ebenezer... Continue Reading →

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