Doctor Who, A Christmas Carol

I don't mind saying that one of the lovely little Christmas traditions I have picked up over the last few years is waiting around for Doctor Who to turn up. I was particularly intrigued to see what Moffat would do with his chance to write a special and even more intrigued when I learned he... Continue Reading →

A Bishop Family Christmas

I had all sorts of things planned for this blog over December but the holidays caught me by surprise. Between being sick for a fortnight and putting out two issues of our business publication in-between Thanksgiving and Christmas, I was doing good just to update Charity's Place every weekend. I actually finished my last gift... Continue Reading →

Editorial: Christmas Ghosts

Without a doubt, the most famous Christmas story is Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol. Adapted into numerous films, plays, and radio presentations, it is cemented in our minds as “the” definitive wintry tale. It is the story of a wealthy miser, Ebenezer Scrooge, who through the intervention of three ghosts comes to comprehend the true... Continue Reading →

Final Season: Smallville & Lionel

I consider myself supremely fortunate in spite of slogging through my second head cold of the season. (It is determined to get me down, but I refuse to surrender!) Last night, I watched two superb episodes of my two favorite sci-fi shows. In Sanctuary, we were given Victorian flashbacks and the return of John Druitt,... Continue Reading →

Society’s Fascination With Villains

Being a writer is a tremendous blessing and equally a curse because inevitably other people will read what you have written and pose their opinion. (Unless you are one of those types who hides their notebooks full of novels in the closet!) It is always interesting to gain an outside opinion on one's brain child... Continue Reading →

Bygone Eras & What We Can Learn From Them

I was once asked, “Why do you like period dramas so much? Don’t you find the chauvinistic attitudes tiresome?” Naturally. So why keep watching? Because of the pretty gowns, the emphasis on morality, and the insight it provides into eras before my time, which are often difficult to fathom by modern standards.My “hobby” is co-editing... Continue Reading →

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