Faith in Secular Media

How secular writers handle religious concepts is of the greatest interest to me, particularly since it usually starts interesting discussions in message boards and prompts similar articles all across the web. Several things transpired this past week that got the wheels in my head to turning. The Rite dominated the Box Office, I saw Devil... Continue Reading →

Fringe: A Journey to Redemption

Since most of my favorite shows have been on hiatus for six weeks, recently I decided to dive back into the second season of Fringe. I have found it much more addictive than I remember, as well as better-crafted. I am, in a word, hooked, and very, very glad that all of season three that... Continue Reading →

SyFy’s Sanctuary

This afternoon I sat on the floor at Barnes & Noble and paged through Sci-Fi Magazine. I ignored the full several page spread on TRON since I have never seen the original and have no interest in the sequel, but paused to read updates on Fringe (hey, more angst is coming our way!), sigh a... Continue Reading →

Phantom: Love Never Dies

I have to admit, Love Never Dies is growing on me.When news that Andrew Lloyd Webber was writing a sequel to Phantom of the Opera was released, I was not amused. In my mind, how can you improve on perfection and the glorious blend of sorrow and beauty in the original's magnificent ending? My fear... Continue Reading →

Life at Downton

I find it strange in a way that the things I love the most, I blog about the least. It's almost as if I am so wrapped up in cherishing that particular book or film or miniseries that I do not want to put it in words for others to read. But since Downton Abbey... Continue Reading →

The King’s Speech

Really, tremendously good movies are hard to come by and stand apart from their contemporaries in terms of being meaningful. I've always loved films about real people, some of them extraordinary and others quite ordinary. From little horses no one thought could win races to the most incredible people we have ever known, something about... Continue Reading →

Downton Vs. 165 Eaton Place

I knew the minute the bickering started, we were in for quite a show. Last spring, both the BBC and ITV announced their intention to air independent productions based on the social class systems in the early part of the 1900's -- ITV premiered its seven hour Downton Abbey in the autumn and the BBC... Continue Reading →

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