The Twelve Nights of Christmas have come to the Tudor court.

Lambert Simnel has never wanted to draw attention to himself. The last surviving Pretender to the throne, he has lived a quiet life since his pardon as the queen’s falconer. But the discovery of a small silver crown in his slice of cake makes him king of the revels for a night.

Fascinated by him, Princess Maggie draws him into a conspiracy to reveal a man’s true nature to her besotted friend, Nan Browne. A recent heiress due to the suspicious inheritance left to her by a potential traitor, Nan has fallen in love with the most undesirable man at court.

After a midnight mishap leaves Lambert drenched in blood, he has no choice but to do the last thing he ever imagined—join forces with the feared and hated Sir Thomas Lovell, the king’s enforcer, to solve a mystery, unearth a nest of traitors, and discover the connection between a beautiful white falcon and the tragedy that awaits them all.

Those of you who know Tudor history may understand, before you even start reading, why I dreaded writing this installment. As a way to distract myself from the inevitable plot twist history had in store for the Tudors, I found an unexpected piece of delight in the inclusion of Lambert Simnel.

Born an orphan, stolen away as a child, forced to become a Pretender, and then raised in Henry’s court as a spit-turner and then a falconer, history has somewhat forgotten this golden-haired boy whom the previous Duke of Suffolk tried to pass off as Edward Plantagenet. I knew the basic facts of his life, but not what a delightful soul he would become in my story. Not the beautiful friendship he would form with Princess Maggie, or the sheer joy his love of falcons would give me. Or the adventure that would unfold for him, starting with a dangerous incident amid the Twelfth Night feasts and leading to an epic confrontation in a cold northern castle.

So while this book may, I hope, bring you to tears, I also hope it gives you joy, entertains you, and introduces you to yet another unforgettable person in the Tudor court.

Though I write all my novels as serials who build on each other, each has an independent plot that resolves itself within the novel and serves as a stand-alone, so if you have fallen behind in reading The Tudor Throne, never fear!

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