By now you ought to be familiar with the different Houses according to the Sorting Hat System. I thought it might be fun to tackle an old, controversial but highly enjoyable Disney classic, The Hunchback of Notre Dame. This is one of my favorite Disney movies due to the incredible music and animation, and the more adult theme of most of the plot (the gargoyles notwithstanding). So without further ado…

Phoebus: Hufflepuff

The good-natured captain of the guard comes to Paris to fill a position under Frollo, and shows kindness to a pair of gypsies he meets in the street for no reason other than his generous heart. He cringes at the idea that Frollo’s last guard may have disappointed him, he offers to stop the crowd in their torment of the hunchback, and after sorrowfully carrying out a few unjust orders, he flat out refuses to burn down a house with the villagers inside it, which leads to his attempted arrest and status as a fugitive. Given the chance to fight back once Quasimodo rescues Esmeralda, Phoebus rallies the crowd by reminding them that Paris is their city and “will we let him destroy it?” These the motives, focus, and tactics of a Hufflepuff—to seek to build a family, concern for other people he has never met and who are not his to protect anywhere outside his own mind, and to rally a crowd or a group against a threat.

His Secondary House is also Hufflepuff: Phoebus shows up, works hard, gains a reputation for being solid, and is reliable and trustworthy.

Esmeralda: Gryffindor

Somewhat rougher around the edges than Phoebus, Esmeralda also has a fierce sense of justice when confronted by cruelty. She’s the only person to stop the crowd from abusing Quasimodo and to defy Frollo in the process – though Phoebus also hates it, he obeys his orders. Esmeralda, being a Gryffindor, doesn’t care about anything other than going by her gut—she would see it as cowardice to step aside. So she defies Frollo, cuts the boy loose, escapes into the cathedral, and there confronts and defies both Frollo and Phoebus, whom she initially mistrusts. She trusts her instincts, even if they lead her wrong (she assumes Phoebus is trying to trap and not help her, and only comes to his aid when he almost drowns after being shot in the river, after defying his boss). In the ultimate act of courage, she refuses to give in to Frollo and instead, chooses to die burned as a witch.

Her Secondary House is also Gryffindor: Esmeralda sees injustices and rushes in to stop them, regardless of the potential consequences – she makes up the rules as she goes along and can be impulsive.

Frollo: Gryffindor

Every Gryffindor needs a Cause, and unfortunately, Frollo has chosen a bad one, to eradicate the gypsies. He has devoted his life to this cause and does not care, for the most part, how it makes him look, or whether it involves genocide, or how cruel it is, he drives toward it with single-minded determination. He hides his true self at times behind a Ravenclaw Model that wants to please his religious authority (God) and live within his religious beliefs, but under pressure, conflicted between what Frollo instinctively wants (Esmeralda, even though she’s a gypsy) and his beliefs, he blames God for “making the devil so much stronger than a man” and goes on his instinct in pursuit of her – burning down and leaving a path of destruction in his wake, but finally “freed” enough to be his entire self, devoid of a pretense of goodness or morality.

His Secondary House is Slytherin: Frollo is a schemer who plans a few things and improvises the rest, who turns on manipulation when necessary to get what he needs, and who isn’t afraid to adapt for appearances’ sake.

Quasimodo: Hufflepuff

The kind-hearted, compassionate Quasimodo simply want to be “part of the world” below him in Paris. He marvels at the goodness and kindness of people and is willing to forgive them and emerge into the sunlight even after they abuse him in public – to give them another chance. He helps Phoebus even though he feels jealous and hurt that Esmeralda prefers him, and even refuses to stab Frollo given the chance, because he doesn’t want to be “ugly and cruel… like you!” Quasimodo is a Hufflepuff, who seeks a family, to be included, and treats everyone fairly, showing forgiveness to his abusive master when Frollo doesn’t deserve it.

His Secondary House is Gryffindor: Quasimodo has an adventurous, independent, even reckless spirit – he wants to obey and please Frollo, but also to go out into the world and have adventures, and he is happiest when he can do that and be among people. Driven into a rage when he sees the woman he loves being burned at the stake, he recklessly and bravely leaps down to tear her free, carries her into Notre Dame, and screams out “SANCTUARY!”

Do you have a Disney favorite you’d love to see typed? Let me know!