I’m using the Sorting Hat Chats system, which is more complex than the system from the books. I’m only focusing on the main characters in the series, and not including Secondary Houses.

Elena Gilbert: Slytherin

Though Elena puts on a Puff Model of generosity and ‘do no harm,’ when push comes to shove, she is first and foremost “family above all.” The loss of her parents devastated her. The loss of her brother sends her off the rails. She flips her humanity switch, just to avoid dealing with the pain. If anyone hurts anyone she loves, she goes after them. Given a choice between saving the noble Elijah and killing all the Originals to save her loved ones, Elena decides to do the latter—though she admires Elijah’s Puff sense of duty, fairness, and honor, she prioritizes her loved ones ahead of the masses. This shows most prominently when, upon learning her brother could kill an Original and complete his Hunter’s Mark, thus keeping him safe but at the cost of thousands of vampires worldwide perishing—Elena does it. As long as Stefan and Damon are not impacted by it, she’ll willingly sacrifice people outside her “love circle” to keep those closest to her, whom she has adopted, safe. She is unfailingly faithful to the people she loves.

Stefan Salvatore: Hufflepuff

His younger, more innocent self was a model of virtue, gentlemanly behavior, compassion, concern for all, and naïve idealism. Stefan fell for Katharine and earnestly believed in her goodness, but has since (having seen her dark side) adopted an anti-stance toward anyone who has mistreated or abused people himself and his loved ones, or innocent people, such as Katharine, Klaus, and even his brother Damon at times. Damon’s reckless behaviors bother him, and he intends to cut Damon out of his life, betraying him for the greater good of the masses. Stefan is far less willing to let bystanders fall than either Elena or Damon. He believes in fairness and minimizing the collateral damage of their decisions as a group. To cope with his rabid blood-lust, Stefan adopts a Ravenclaw Primary Model—he lives his life according to certain ‘rules’ and adheres to them with loyal devotion, but his ultimate deep angst revolves around his fear of hurting innocent people. He sees them as all equal and worthy of concern; he has beaten himself up for decades over his Ripper murder sprees; he feels concern for everyone’s humanity, not just Elena’s. Stefan helps Caroline overcome her blood-lust, because they share the Puff desire to ‘do no wrong by people. All people.’

Katherine Pierce: Slytherin

When Katherine was trying to escape Klaus as a mortal, she sacrificed two people to his wrath in order to escape because “Better you die than I.” She is me, myself, and I, first and foremost. Unlike Elena, her “I care about you” protection has shrunk to two people: herself and Stefan. He is the romantic hill she will live and die on; she is jealously possessive of him and resentful of Elena. His Puff attempts to reform her, make her care about the general population, and sway her into a more moral mindset meet with her scorn; she doesn’t need it, she has herself to look after. Though unhealthy because she has no loyalty to anyone but herself, Katherine viciously defends and seeks revenge for her fallen friends. Her “me and mine” mindset makes her a ruthless antagonist, because she will attack whatever Elena loves most to hurt her—turning Caroline into a vampire, threatening Bonnie, trying to seduce Stefan, etc.

Damon Salvatore: Slytherin

Though hedonistic and reckless, Damon is above all loyal. He spent decades looking for a way to get Katherine out of the church, not realizing she had long since moved beyond caring about him (and never cared that much at all; she had chosen Stefan as her One Person instead). Though he does things to torment and hurt and undermine Stefan, he never allows him to be killed, he rushes in to defend him, and he is willing to take the fall and do hard things to protect Stefan from having to do them. Damon knows his brother is more tender-hearted and sensitive than he is, therefore he feels an obligation to protect him. Damon shows the callous cruelty of Slytherin early on, when he abuses Caroline and uses compulsion to control her. She does not matter to him, because she is not one of his people. Damon can be possessive and selfish at his worst, but much like Spike with Buffy, the desire to get better for Elena causes him to become someone she can love. Her unfailing hope and belief in his inner goodness brings him around to a more moral position, one he cares about, because she cares about it.

Caroline Forbes: Hufflepuff

Cheerful, earnest, and compassionate, Caroline at first seems your typical high school cheerleader stereotype, but as the series unfolds, she shows her fierce Puff morality. Unlike the Salvatores and even Elena, Caroline feels concern for everyone she encounters. She opposes innocent bystanders being killed on principle, and her absolute hatred for having killed people as a baby vampire gives her the strength to fight her own blood-lust and gain control over it. Though attracted to Klaus, she defies and thwarts him out of contempt for the awful things he does to people. Yet, she also pushes him to become a better and more moral individual and holds out hope that he is better than he acts. In a fit of Puff stubbornness and turning against someone, she refuses to support Elena in her relationship with Damon, due to how he abused her when they were dating under compulsion. Caroline often intervenes to protect total strangers from other vampires; she argues Damon or anyone else killing them is morally wrong. They are just people. In her mind, being human makes them worthy of being protected.

Matt Donovan: Gryffindor

Matt has things he will and will not tolerate—and he is frank in asserting himself, whether that is to tell Caroline early in their dating relationship to stop acting like a brat, or to banish all vampires from Mystic Falls as the new town sheriff, for the greater good of the community. Matt sometimes refuses to go along with his friends’ wishes and desires, because it violates his inner principles. He does not hesitate to break up with someone, if he finds out they are doing things he cannot condone. Matt never warms up to Damon or Stefan, because he knows not to trust them. Their status as vampires makes them and their ethics questionable in his mind. Though protective over his friends and loyal to taking care of them, Matt does not forgive or forget easily. He takes it as his personal responsibility to defend and protect innocent people from harm, in so doing, finding a Gryffindor “Cause” to champion.

Bonnie Bennett: Gryffindor

Bonnie does things out of an ironclad sense of right and wrong—an internal moral instinct that thinks and proclaims that certain actions are just wrong, no matter what excuses you might give to rationalize them away. When her friend Caroline becomes a vampire, Bonnie makes her a daylight ring, but makes it clear that if she hurts anyone, there will be consequences. Friend or not, she will allow no one to take any action she cannot agree with, and though she will compromise for her friends, Bonnie can be firm and lay out the rules of what she will or will not tolerate in the process. She fearlessly stands up to Damon, despite his violence and bullying. She will oppose her friends based on moral principles even when it makes them dislike her. She is willing to die on their behalf, not out of a devotion like a Slytherin, or a Hufflepuff desire to see everyone as equal, but because she sees it as a necessary sacrifice. In other word, what her gut instincts tell her to do.

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