Not a lot worth sharing of late, hence the silence on the blog. Been just working on my next novel, but Jessica tagged me so here we go. =)

What’s one genre you used to avoid, but now love?  

Nonfiction. I never read it as a kid and now it’s almost all that I read, though I do try to read more fiction these days. In fiction, nothing. I never hated or avoided any genre apart from horror and that has not changed. I will, and always have, read anything if it’s decent … and sometimes if it’s not. (Speaking to the lack of general quality and not the moral content.)

Have you ever liked a movie adaptation better than the book?  Which book?  Why?

The Devil Wears Prada. There is a movie that I love. Tons of humor. Tons of likableness. Tons of plots. The main character learns a valuable life lesson. Meryl Streep is amazing in it. So, I ran out after seeing it at the cinema to pick up the book from the library and page after page, it deflated me. There was no real plot, just a lot of whining about a horrible boss. And tons of f-words. I get so sick of reading them, and hearing them. To me, if you use the f-word for an adjective, verb, noun, and exclamation point, it just shows me you have no class. #SorryNotSorry.

Name one thing about your favorite genre that you absolutely can’t stand.  Something you wish you could change.

I don’t really have a favorite book genre, but in general, get rid of love triangles. Nobody has one, and it’s over-used in YA fiction since it’s always the hot girl stuck between two dopey boys, and she never picks the one I would, because she has to have twu luv with the Emo One rather than lasting commitment with the Sensible One. (I rooted for Gale, and I rooted for Jacob Black. But then at one point in those books, I was also rooting for the Volturi to kill everyone, and put me out of my misery, so that’s just me.)

When was the last time you shipped a non-canon book couple?

I don’t have one, but one series gypped me out of the romance it had been setting up for 10 books. I speak of The Last Apprentice books. I read my way through a lot of brutality and dismembering of witches enjoying the friendship of two kids who then never wound up together, so I just pretend the last two books don’t exist, because that was some first-class nonsense. And lest you think me the odd person out, Goodreads has pages and pages of readers who also felt done wrong so it was not just me.

How often do you write ‘rant reviews’?  Or do you prefer to keep quiet if you didn’t like a book?  

TBH, not much outside of e-mails since it seems mean and unprofessional and like it or not, successful of not, I’m a writer and it’s not exactly cool for one writer to criticize another in public, especially a ginormous, successful author who has sold millions of books, to which people can simply accuse the naysayer of being jealous. (I am not jealous. Some books are objectively shallow and their profoundness is not nearly what some internet memes would have you believe. I am looking at you, Perks of Being a Wallflower.)

Thoughts on Charles Dickens?  Love him, hate him, in-between him?  

This answer could go under the preferred movie adaptations question, since I find most of Dickens’ books a long-slog, reading-wise. I love the various miniseries adaptations, especially done by the BBC, because the writing team cuts out the extra material (for the most part) and focuses more on the main plot and characters, of which there are still at least thirty. I am forever grateful to them for making Bleak House so amazing.

Dickens was, arguably, a genius and there is no one like him, nor should there be. On that level, I love him. On a personal level, he was a jerk. I believe in separating the art from the artist, but it’s a bit sad that his own behaviors never matched up to the idealistic goodness of so many of his beloved characters. I feel like he was reaching for a better self, and fell short, as many of his characters did.

Paperback covers:  glossy or matte?  

Glossy. Matte covers make my skin crawl. It feels like handling gasoline. =P

I’m not big on tagging people, but if you want to answer the following questions, you can.

What was your favorite series as a child?

What classic book do you feel most obligated to read?

If you could run away with any fictional character, who would it be?

What is your true opinion of Agatha Christie?

What’s the last book you read that made you see red?

What book would you most like to see turned into an ACCURATE movie?

If you could recommend any book, what would it be?