I love moving forward. Improving myself and my life. Last year I did some important “me” things. I lost 15 pounds on the every other day diet. It was hard but worth it, because I love my new weight. This year, I am going to focus on “streamlining” my life. Bringing it into harmony. Learning what looks good on me, color-wise, and what colors will make my house feel like “me.” Learning to organize my time better, and break large tasks into smaller ones so I don’t binge-do-things and exhaust myself (my usual problem, I never know when to stop). Just… how to find balance.

I went through a Color Me Beautiful book and found my colors (which colors suit my natural coloring and will make me appear healthy and not pale), but was stymied when I tried to figure out my personal style until I looked at the pattern of my life, what I am drawn to, what I like, my home, my essence.

I’m drawn to minimalist approaches with dramatic flourishes. A mild color palate with a pop of drama, like the pastel watercolor of Audrey Hepburn in my room. Her black hair stands out vivid on my pale blue walls. I love it. I have no other art in that room. She is enough. When I switch on my gorgeous blue-hued tea lights strung over the bed frame in the evening, I feel calm. Peaceful. At home. And a little bit dramatic.

As a child, my favorite dress was black and white. I wore it until I outgrew it, and then felt sad. That dress was perfect. Unfortunately, I know now black and white wash me out. I’m a Soft Summer, I need blue-based colors and can never wear black next to my face without looking pale. But it showed me something about my personal style: I like to be subtly dramatic.

That drama reflects in my house, in the choice of art I have. It’s simplistic but dramatic. So, my resolution for this year (different from my “goals”) is to figure out how to dress in a classic-dramatic style. Simple, elegant, with flashes of drama. For dress-up and casual wear. To find the right colors and only purchase the ones that make me look and feel great. It feels a little daunting, but also a little exciting, to have a PURPOSE to my shopping and not just an aimlessness. (I am frugal and the thought of no longer buying things that don’t look good on me or I wear once and give away is an added bonus.)

(The actual watercolor I have in my room.)

Beyond that, some of my personal goals for this year are:

Publish my next novel. I’m aiming for May, which seems doable. The King’s Players involves a castle on a cliff, a shipwreck, a missing girl, and a traveling theatrical troupe. I have a fourth book I can either work on for the winter, or write a fifth to go in-between.

Re-design my living room. I’m bored. Time for a change. I may start with the color on the walls. A new color and a new piece of art ought to fix the problem.

Add a small front porch onto my home. The front door opening into the living room means tracking in dirt all the time. An enclosed mini-porch will give me space to store hats, coats, and boots. I’ll include a window where the cats can watch the sun rise.

Marie Kondo my websites and my computer. If you have never heard of Marie Kondo, she has a wonderful book on how to de-clutter and tidy your space, and an adorable “Tidying with Marie Kondo” show on Netflix. I want to put all my intellectual property into one space, de-clutter, and organize it. Having it tidy will give me peace of mind.

I hope 2019 treats you well, my friends.